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  fluffy 72bde3a2ee Fix some tenses 4 个月前
  fluffy a8c5979423 Updates 4 个月前
  fluffy 98202d54d7 Technically not a slur but 'technically' isn't good enough 6 个月前
  fluffy 82b65db08e Add genre 6 个月前
  fluffy f68f15f552 Just don't show duration if it's 0:00 8 个月前
  fluffy 6dc581c999 If duration is 0:00 assume it's live 8 个月前
  fluffy f0d03f92c1 still trying to track down the live radio duration bug 8 个月前
  fluffy 4fd7763a28 Cleanups 8 个月前
  fluffy c58c249bee Debugging why live broadcasts aren't showing as live 8 个月前
  fluffy ae70edf9e9 Keep latest versions deployed 8 个月前
  fluffy 7f16fe5e4b Only save usage when not in debug 8 个月前
  fluffy a2253d902f Show the title and duration 8 个月前
  fluffy dca65a083a Minor cleanups 8 个月前
  fluffy 42aa13cbd4 Log the video and title 8 个月前
  fluffy 4a97c9d364 Remove some past participles 8 个月前
  fluffy 310e3a00f0 Top-level exception handling 8 个月前
  fluffy 3f44f700f5 Add word filtering to cut down on possible crap 8 个月前
  fluffy 656c00b822 Fix non-testing mode 8 个月前
  fluffy fcb00ac27a Cleanups and better logging 8 个月前
  fluffy 39514c6a80 foo 8 个月前
  fluffy a4d88ca2a5 Switch to using YouTube data API 8 个月前
  fluffy 6edcd48256 Try to keep YouTube's bot detection happy 8 个月前
  fluffy c8f41490f2 Attempt to retry if YouTube's having issues again 8 个月前
  fluffy ada8b961cd genre 8 个月前
  fluffy bc7989556f Merge branch 'main' of git.beesbuzz.biz:fluffy/lofibeats into main 8 个月前
  fluffy 5c0231469a Log search result stats 8 个月前
  fluffy fab61b49ed Update README 8 个月前
  fluffy 6fd48b8bbf ignore log 8 个月前
  fluffy 8c35a4c44d Fix stderr logging, clean up empty genre 8 个月前
  fluffy bad48f610a Update wordlist 8 个月前
  fluffy f6c9a96ad2 Update packages 8 个月前
  fluffy bbe0b08524 Add logging 8 个月前
  fluffy dcabe8aae5 Fix dumb error 8 个月前
  fluffy 418085c7ac Don't repeat videos if possible 8 个月前
  fluffy fd8b565007 Improve search maybe 8 个月前
  fluffy 1cdec66d8a Choose any video 8 个月前
  fluffy 297a766aca youtube result 8 个月前
  fluffy e147f1f6bb Add some more genera 8 个月前
  fluffy cf0ce181a7 Switch to poetry 1年前
  fluffy 7bb998a0d2 Add genre, tidy up words 1年前
  fluffy 8a94b3cf12 More word filtering 1年前
  fluffy c053c901f8 Verblist update 1年前
  fluffy 096e018802 Remove some objectionable verbs 1年前
  fluffy 3211abf4c7 pipenv path fix 1年前
  fluffy b0a59c6b96 verblist cleanup 1年前
  fluffy 3b60680b9c Add readme etc 1年前
  fluffy a40215d130 deploy 1年前
  fluffy 34e237a2f8 checkin 1年前