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# Sockmania
Here are some [Sockpuppet]( songs made into Stepmania tracks.
All songs, steps, and artwork (c) j. "fluffy" shagam unless otherwise specified.
## Installing
### Using git
From inside your Stepmania Songs directory, run:
git clone Sockpuppet
To update to the latest version, just do `git pull` from inside the `Sockpuppet/` directory.
### Using a zip file
Extract the files into a subdirectory inside your Stepmania songs folder, e.g.
cd Stepmania/Songs
unzip -r ~/Downloads/
## Track listing
* [Don't Let The Door Hit You](
* [Sliced by a Mandolin](
* [Get Go](
* [Wiener Dog on a Motorcycle](
* [President Katya]( (from [Admiralo Island Witches Club](
* [New Dawn]( (from [Herbal Spice Problem](
* Delicious Candy (from [Full Course](
## Additional credits
* [cloverfirefly]( (art, President Katya)
* [Robin Kaplan]( (art, President Katya)
* [Patashu]( (beta testing/feedback)
* Curus Keel (beta testing/feedback, additional step charts)